2 Door Styles That Add Character << and function >> To Your Home

The front door is typically the only door we give much aesthetic value to in any home. But many homeowners are realizing the décor of a house can be enhanced by more than just paint and furniture. If you are interested in finding out more about different designs you might want to check out somewhere like for more ideas.

Our interior doors offer as much opportunity to add texture, color, function and character as other design elements we might consider.

Beyond just a plain door, or even a door with raised panels, there are a few trending door styles that have become popular choices. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone will like them. If that’s the case, there are multiple other Internal Doors that can be viewed instead. It’s important that people research the doors they want beforehand to ensure that they will match the design and theme of their home. A considerable majority of homeowners are opting for these two styles more than any other:

Sliding barn door

Sliding barn doors are popular on many of the television home remodeling shows. Instead of opening on a hinge like a traditional door, sliding barn doors are on a track and roll back and forth across the doorway opening.


Sliding Barn Door via Houzz

Barn doors are a great option for spaces where a hinged door doesn’t have clearance, or a larger than normal opening.

Pocket door

Like the sliding barn door, pocket doors are great for spaces that don’t accommodate a hinged door. They are also an ideal space saving option.

Pocket door via Houzz

Pocket door via Houzz

Aesthetically, pocket doors are meant to create the appearance of a permanent doorway with the option of closing the space when necessary.

For homeowners exploring their choices for remodeling projects, interior doors are one of many structure and design elements to consider. For a big picture look at all the selections, come to the Inspired Home, Garden & Gourmet Expo of Paso Robles at the Paso Robles Event Center Aug. 27-28. Admission and parking is free.

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See the latest trends and products while you talk to local experts about how they can help you finish your next home improvement project.

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