3 Popular Misconceptions about Furnace Safety

The experts at Wighton’s help dispel misinformation about furnace safety:

  1. Infants, children, elderly, persons with respiratory or heart ailments are provided little or no protection from deadly CO with standard alarms.
    • Long-term exposure to Low-level CO above 15 ppm (parts per million) can cause illness and even permanent disabilities. Store-bought detectors don’t alarm until unsafe levels of 70 ppm or higher are present at the unit for 3 hours! By then, it will be too late. At Wighton’s, we only use high-grade low-level monitors that sense CO levels as low as 5 ppm, to protect your family.
  2. A service program, like the Gas Company’s plan, takes the place of maintenance.
    • Wrong. Ask yourself, Would having a good health insurance policy be a comfort if you started feeling chest pains or would you wish you had gotten a physical too? A repair plan is nothing but insurance, not maintenance, or safety. With a repair plan you save money on repairs, but what about saving money on the monthly use of the appliance or making your furnace last longer. How much faith can you have that your equipment is safe?
  3. I was told my new gas furnace wouldn’t require maintenance.
    • Wrong. Anything that is in a dirty environment or has moving parts will always need maintenance. Thinking that because it is new it doesn’t need attention is like believing that you can put 50,000 miles on a new car without ever changing the oil. Yes, the car would run and appear to be in good shape, but would you still want to own it for the next 50,000 miles? At least the car could be sold, the furnace you’d have to keep, so, luckily there are companies available similar to Castle Home Comfort (HTTPS://CASTLEHOMECOMFORT.COM/HEATING/FURNACE-REPAIRS/) that can help you with furnace repairs
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