3 Rules for Spacing Furniture

Interior designers know there’s more to furniture than color, texture, shape and size. Like rocks in a stream, furniture affects the flow of a room, and ultimately its character.

We asked the experts at Cal Deals for a few easy-to-follow rules to help guide choices for furniture placement.

The 3-Foot Rule

Avoid overcrowding your room with furniture. Give yourself, and the furniture, about 3-feet of passable space. Anything less will feel cluttered and unwelcoming.

Let It Float

This second rule relates directly to the first. When creating passable space in a room avoid the temptation to push everything against the wall. While such practices do create space, they certainly do nothing to add character and style to a room. Get comfortable with letting furniture “float” in the room.

Floating your furniture gives the room an intentional design look that eliminates the dead space and welcomes visitors into the space.

Walk The Room

Once you have furniture positioned, walk the room to make sure entryways are clear. Also, take a turn by light fixtures, especially standing lamps. There should be enough space to pass by without knowing things over.

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