Let Scudder Solar Energy Systems Answer Your Home Power Questions

There are two questions most homeowners ask when it comes to installing a solar energy system on their home: Will it really save money without large out-of-pocket expenses, and what will it do to my roof? After all, you’re making this change to save money and conserve energy, not to create damage and have to buy a new roof. Before getting the solar energy system installed, you should just check that your roof is in good condition. Keep an eye out for any missing shingles or small holes that could be problematic. If there are any issues, you should find the best roofing companies in Aurora Colorado, or wherever you live and get them to take a look and see if there’s a fix. Once you have a sturdy roof, your energy system will sit well on the roof and won’t damage the new shingles or create any more problems.

Scudder Solar Energy Systems is one of the only companies that can answer both questions with expertise and years of hands-on experience. Not only are they a full solar energy system installer, Scudder Roofing is a long-time roofing contractor with experience with all types of roofs and roofing materials.

Scudder Solar’s full-service solar team provides comprehensive support including expert knowledge regarding the large variety of financing and incentive options currently available.

Scudder Solar can design an energy plan for nearly any budget. There are many financing options available for residential and commercial solar systems. From home equity loans, power purchase agreements, property assessed clean energy programs, low-cost leases and $O-down financing to special, limited-time payment offers, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to jump into solar power.

If you have questions about solar for your home or business, your best first call will be to Scudder Solar at (831) 384-3900, or visit them online at

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