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Jack Daniels Chocolate Cupcakes

by Kelley Redmon Over the years of baking sometimes I am surprised at the items that compliment eachother, but none have suprosed me more than whiskey and chocolate.  My chef friend made a whisket chocolate cake for her husband years ago and I have been curious to make my own ever since.  Since we always […]

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Mixed Berry Sweet Rolls

by Kelley Redmon Cold winter morning always stir up a need for cinnamon rolls and warm pastries (morning time comfort food).  These items are also delectable as an evening desert… or in my Dads case, an afternoon snack.  There is also a wonderful satisfaction for me in making my own dough, compote, and sauce from scratch.  While […]

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Mini Apple-Pumpkin Rolls

  by Kelley Redmon The holiday season is officially upon us!  Everything pumpkin, apple, turkey, and peppermint will bombard our magazines, coffee shops, and grocery store!  In honor of this I started with a delightful apple/pumpkin mixture that was a little different and an office hit for all you pumpkin lovers.  I found the original recipe […]

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Halloween Treats!

by Kelley Redmon Halloween is almost here!  In honor of the spooky holiday here at the office we had a Halloween themed potluck.  My contribution was desert so I made these fun (and super easy) Worms in Dirt. Other themed items we had were “Guts and Eyes” also know as spaghetti and meatballs, and “Fingers” also […]

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When I first became involved in the home improvement industry I thought it was a joke when someone said hardscape. What did they mean by hardscape? This is what HARDSCAPE means: hard·scape-?härd?sk?p/noun-the nonliving or man-made fixtures of a planned outdoor area If you were in the dark, now you’re in the know. Hardscaping has become […]

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Time to Relax

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a home away from home?  A place where you could go to unwind and relax? At the upcoming ECO Home & Garden Expo in Monterey, CA on Oct. 19th & 20th we are pleased to be giving attendees a chance to win a weekend getaway to 1862 David Walley’s […]

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When was the last time you woke up and felt grateful for our garbage removal system here in America? On a recent trip out of the country I was overcome by the amount to trash that was everywhere. I had the pleasure of staying in a residential neighborhood and witnessed the garbage disposal process. And […]

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Pales in your Living Room

We all know that here in California drought is on everyone’s mind. We all want rain, don’t we? We all want rain IF we have a good roof. No one wants pales in their living room to catch rain water and no one wants damage to the structure of their homes because of a leak. […]

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What’s Up with This Green Thing?

Isn’t it everywhere?  Green this and green that.  At the end of the day, I think the real question is what does it really mean?  Why do you and I, average home owners, really care about being ECO friendly?  When I think about saving the planet, I think about what things used to be like.  […]

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