How Troesh Coleman Pacific Celebrates Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day! Did you know recycling your unwanted concrete and asphalt with TCPs sister company RoXsand is a great way to help the environment? It not only prevents used concrete and asphalt from ending up in a landfill, it also eliminates using unnecessary resources to make a new product by transforming used concrete and […]

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6 Signs You May Need a New Roof

With the help of Noble Pride Roofing Co., here are six signs you may need a new roof: Roof Age A typical asphalt-shingle roof should last about 20-25 years. If your roof is showing its age contact Noble Pride Roofing for an inspection and estimate. Shingles Curling and Buckling One of the signs of aging, […]

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Tax Breaks For Converting to Solar

More homeowners each year are experiencing the benefits of solar installed on their home, either in a reduction of electric bills or an elimination of electric costs – depending on the amount of energy production. Did you know that many utility experts believe by 2020 the majority of new single-family homes built in California will […]

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Monterey Bay Roofing Gallery - Noble Pride Roofing 5-23-2017 12-45-06 PM

Popular roof styles

Do you know the most popular roof styles? When picking a roofer choose one with experience working with a variety of roofing materials and styles. Noble Pride Roofing Co. has decades of roofing experience on their team, as well as the attention to detail and craftsmanship a homeowner would want. Here are four popular roofing […]

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Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls with interlocking blocks are a beautiful hardscape addition to many homes along the Central Coast. There are a variety of stone textures, colors and structures that can be utilized. Troesh Coleman Pacific specializes in retaining wall products here on the Central Coast. According to their experts, there are a number of functional reasons many […]

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