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A.M. Sun Solar Donates $10,000 to Jack’s Helping Hand

A.M. Sun Solar has donated $10,000 to Jack’s Helping Hand to support children with cancer or special medical needs, including one very special little boy. A.M. Sun Solar chose Jack’s Helping Hand as the company’s non-profit partner to support one of their employees and his son. Calin, solar consultant Adam Scorby’s son, was diagnosed at […]

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Tax Breaks For Converting to Solar

More homeowners each year are experiencing the benefits of solar installed on their home, either in a reduction of electric bills or an elimination of electric costs – depending on the amount of energy production. Did you know that many utility experts believe by 2020 the majority of new single-family homes built in California will […]

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Get a 30% federal tax credit to install solar

Homeowners who don’t have solar on their house are running out of reasons to delay, not the least of which includes lowering their federal tax liability. There are many reasons why electricity customers choose to put solar panels on their home. Reasons range from a desire to be environmentally friendly to wanting to protect themselves […]

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Does solar make sense in the winter?

The sun is certainly warmer in the summer than it is in winter, but that doesn’t mean solar panels don’t soak up the rays of light during both seasons. Sunny days, cloudy days, and even cold days are all good days to capture solar energy. So, does it make sense to install a solar system […]

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