Changing Your Shower Door

showerdoorIs it time to replace your glass shower door?

Glass shower doors, like those from Tile redi, are an elegant addition to a modern bathroom that look sleek and understated.

If you’re a handy person around the house and are looking to do it yourself, here are some tips:

First and foremost, don’t rush the job. You want to make sure not to damage any of the surrounding areas in the bathroom or injure yourself. Also, shower glass panels are very expensive to buy therefore you can’t afford to smash them. Try to use an expert fitter to avoid this happening in your bathroom! They should know How To Properly Fit Your Door Hinges in your bathroom for your glass door. Whether you are fixing your shower door or the door to the living room, you may want to look into using a a US manufacturer within a company. From hinges to door holders, doing your research will be beneficial.

While the door is shut, either use wood shims under the edge of the door to unscrew the hinges or have a friend help you hold the weight. When the screws from the hinges are removed, lift the door carefully to avoid breaking the glass and remove the door.

Shower tracks or frames are usually custom designed for the shower door. If you need to replace a frame or trim to match the new door, this task is best left to glass experts to ensure the new door is secure and properly installed.

A new shower door will need new caulking around the entire door frame. This will include the track/frame running up the walls, across the curb and against the ceiling if your shower goes all the way up. Changing to a new door can create cracks and holes for water to seep through so don’t skip this step! The caulking is also good for keeping your door in place.

If you’re not comfortable with replacing your own glass shower doors, look to the experts at Atascadero Glass, Inc. for help and excellent service on the Central Coast! They’ve been serving the Central Coast for over 50 years. Call the office at (805) 466-2644 or visit

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