Choosing a countertop material for your kitchen

No material transforms the look of a kitchen more than the countertop.

Countertops add color, texture, style and dimension to the heart of the home in ways appliances and cabinets cannot. So homeowners considering a remodel project of the space may spend more time looking at materials samples for countertops than anything else. And truth is, there are more options to choose from than ever from tile, granite, marble, quartz, and natural stone to stainless steel, polished concrete, wood, etc. When it comes to concrete countertops, you’ll want to be using something similar to the Cheng concrete sealer to effectively protect it from damage.

We asked our friends at Mr. Tom’s Countertops on their best advice for selecting a material. And while the style of every homeowner is different, decisions should center around the color and style of the kitchen while adding to the value of the home overall.

Granite, quartz and natural stone is incredibly durable and can help add to the value of the home at resale. Fortunately, these materials also come in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles that can be fabricated to fit any home.

Quartz is a man-made stone that is commonly used as a material for countertops in homes.

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  • It’s low maintenance. It isn’t a porous material so it doesn’t need to be sealed.
  • There are many style options available to choose from, both modern and traditional.
  • It’s extremely strong (twice as strong as granite, to be exact).


  • It can be expensive.
  • It is artificially made, so there is less natural beauty in it.
  • It cannot be easily installed outside.

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Granite is a stone that is 100% natural. It is popular for countertops and floors in homes.



  • It’s unique. Because it is natural, no two slabs of granite are alike!
  • It can be installed inside and outside!
  • It’s cheaper than quartz.


  • It needs to be sealed at least once a year because it is such a porous material.
  • It impacts the environment because it’s a natural resource.
  • The designs in granite rock are generally more “busy” than quartz. Granite is not ideal for people who would like a modern look in their kitchen.

Mr. Tom’s Countertops offers both quartz and granite countertops. Let their 20 years of experience help you pick the best countertops for your home! Visit or call 805-466-8453 for more information.

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