Clay tile roofs have offered thousands of years of benefits

Clay tile roofs are a popular feature in California, especially along coastal communities influenced by the Spanish missions. Durable, textured, and practical, clay tile roofs have a long history in architecture. They are also simple enough to replace should any get damaged, just get a Mandurah roof contractor to repair the roof for you, no need for an entire replacement.

Roof tiles

Roof tiles

Archaeologists have uncovered clay tiles in the building materials of ancient societies going back thousands of years. The earliest instances appear to originate around 10,000 BC in China with other examples showing up in the Middle East not long after. Of course, they have come a long way since these times and most people’s roof tiling won’t be anywhere near this old. However, from time to time, it is necessary to get roofing experts like Trusted Roofing on the job when you begin to notice signs of wear and tear or just general damage as one thing can lead to another and what started as a minor issue can culminate in a major disaster.

Many societies adopted clay times for their fire resistant properties, as well as their capacity to handle heavy rain downpours. The first instances of clay tiles being used in colonized America show up around the 1580s.

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