Cleaning your natural stone surfaces

When it comes to countertops, nothing is more beautiful than natural stone. Whether it’s the variation in colors, patterns and durability, natural stone offers advantages manufactured surfaces do not.

And while stone seems indestructible, the sealant used on its surface to make it a useful countertop is not. Harsh chemicals can eat away at the sealant over time. Mr. Tom’s Countertops will ensure you have a beautifully installed and sealed countertop.

So here is a quick guide to cleaning your granite and natural stone surfaces.

  • Granite is a hard surface. If it is unsealed it will absorb oils, spills, and stains. To check whether your granite is sealed, leave a few drops of water on the surface. If it beads up, you have a secure seal.
  • Don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaners and sponges, Windex, acidic cleaners like vinegar, lemon, lime, or anything with ammonia or bleach. Frequent use of these chemicals will dull and weaken the sealant over time.
  • Use warm water, a mild or gentle dish soap, and a nubby washcloth or microfiber cloth for daily wipe downs.
  • For sanitizing, stronger disinfectant is desired, mix together a 50:50 solution of water and 91% isopropyl alcohol. Spray onto the granite, allow to sit for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth. Avoid bleach or ammonia-based cleaners.

Careful maintenance of your countertop and its sealant will protect its beauty and durability for years to come.


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