Cooling Down Air Conditioning Costs

Heating and air conditioning can take up to 40 or more percent of your utility bill. In the warmer months, we make sure we’re comfortable at home but also don’t want the hefty costs of the bills. Air conditioning units can be expensive, however, they are so beneficial in the summer. During those hot summer days, there’s often nothing nicer than cooling yourself down with the AC. However, the price of running these systems can fluctuate. Often, this can tell you that something isn’t right with the system. This might be due to maintenance problems. If the air conditioning is broken, it can cost more to run. Perhaps it’s a good idea to contact a company offering ac repair in jacksonville fl, or it might be worth finding one more local to you if your AC is broken. By contacting a professional service, they can ensure the air conditioning is working as it should, hopefully lowering those bills.

airconditioningHere are some great tips to keep that A/C bill down:

  • Plant more trees to keep sunlight from directly hitting your windows. Also, shading your A/C unit from the sun could improve its efficiency by up to 10%!
  • Cover your windows with solar screens, mesh-like screens, or window films that reflect heat.
  • Circulate air in your home with fans. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive.
  • Try to avoid cooking or baking with the stove or oven, limit those activities to the evening.
  • Maintain or replace your A/C ; you’re A/C bill may sometimes be cut in half just by replacing an outdated A/C unit!

Contact the local experts at Wighton’s Inc. for an inspection, tune-up, or replacement! Replacing an old unit could cut your A/C costs in half. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

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