Cost-Effective Tips For a Dreamy Kitchen Remodel

Often in life, there are times when a change is needed. A change in hairstyle, a change in scenery, a change in daily habits and routines, or a change within your home. Kitchen remodels are wonderful opportunities for a metamorphosis, seeing as so much time is spent in these areas. It is a space for connecting with friends and family, and for nurturing your body.

We have composed a list of kitchen remodeling tips to help you get inspired and get started. Happy renovating!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Determine your budget and your priorities; what assets to your remodel are fixed and what are flexible? Allow a minimum of six months to begin planning and give yourself some leeway in time. If you have a set date that you want your remodel finished by, allow yourself some wiggle room a few weeks before then. Speak with professional contractors for quotes to fit within your budget.

Smart Shelving

Increase your storage space within your kitchen. With inventions such as pull-out shelves, stacked shelves and more, it is easy and cost-effective to incorporate storage in a modern fashion

Add a Pop of Color

Contrasting colors are your best friends when it comes to kitchen remodels. Pick a neutral tone and a striking tone that look bold together. Color palettes are endless on Pinterest; get searching!

Let There Be Light

Lighting choices make big waves of change at a lower cost. Overhead lighting brightens up your space and under-cabinet lighting adds that extra contemporary pizzazz your kitchen remodel needs. Natural light can really help revitalise a space, and double glazed windows like the ones here could transform the space from dark and cramped to light, airy, and open. Get creative with your options.

Confident Countertops

The most important aspect of a kitchen is the countertop! It is where you spend your time cooking and cleaning. It is essential to pick a countertop material that is not only gorgeous, but easy to maintain. Quartz slabs are highly recommended for their strength and durability as well as simplicity of preservation. Mr. Tom’s Countertops has over 1,200 slabs in-stock ready for delivery and installation, and is SLO County’s largest quartz inventory. Visit or call 805-466-8453 for more information.

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