Does solar make sense in the winter?

The sun is certainly warmer in the summer than it is in winter, but that doesn’t mean solar panels don’t soak up the rays of light during both seasons. Sunny days, cloudy days, and even cold days are all good days to capture solar energy.

So, does it make sense to install a solar system in the fall or winter? The answer is yes. You should contact a company like Sandbar Solar & Electric as soon as you’re ready to take the step.

Solar energy is an abundant energy source that can be captured year-round. While electrical needs may be greater in summer than winter, solar customers can expect electricity savings from the utility company through a billing mechanism known as net energy metering (NEM).

NEM gives credit to electricity customer accounts when their solar panels generate more power than the customer is using. That excess power flows into the electrical grid for use by other power customers.

When that same customer needs more power than their panels supply, they get additional electricity from the utility company.

Under NEM, the electrical utility reads a solar customer’s meter and provides a statement on the amount of electricity used from the utility or generated by the solar panels.

At the end of a 12-month cycle the credits and charges are reconciled. Those customers who generated more electricity than they used are paid for their excess power at a special rate. Those who used more power from the utility company than they generated from their panels must pay a balance.

Net energy metering means solar customers don’t need to be concerned about seasonal changes drastically affecting their electricity. California sunshine ensures there are many days of top-level solar generation for a homeowner’s solar panels from A.M. Sun Solar.

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