Eco-Friendly Exterior Cleaning that Leaves Your Surfaces Like New

By: Riley Banderet, owner of Renew Crew of Morro Bay

Living in California has its perks, one of them being the weather. Having lived in the state for many years, I’ve noticed the importance we as Californians put on spending time outdoors and protecting the environments around us. When looking for a new business adventure, I wanted something that married these two ideas – outdoor living and the green industry – and found Renew Crew.

The concept of outdoor living has boomed over the last 10 years. More homeowners are creating decks, porches, patios, and other structures that are now extensions of the homes, be them living rooms, dining rooms or even kitchens. Because they have to withstand all types of weather, these rooms outside the home need regular maintenance to keep them clean and looking nice. Should homeowners allow the exteriors of their property to become dirty over an extended period of time without maintenance, the damage that can be done to said spaces and property will only keep deteriorating. This more often than not means, homeowners that have noticed significant damage may have to look into exterior remodeling services to remodel and recreate a new outdoor environment from scratch.

All exterior surfaces get dirty, there’s no way around it. Wood fades, mold accumulates, concrete absorbs stains and who wants to sit on a deck or patio caked with dirt? At Renew Crew, we provide our clients with exterior cleaning that not only removes the built up grime, but does it in an eco-friendly manner that keeps your surface looking like new longer.

Most pressure washing companies use bleach-based products, and yes, they work, but they also have harmful effects. When product is over-sprayed or rinsed away it will end up on the surrounding vegetation and seep into the ground water, causing damage. Renew Crew’s proprietary products are different. Our eco-friendly solutions work their way into the surface, loosening embedded dirt and debris that’s rinsed away with a low-pressure wash from a professional pressure washer.

Some people don’t believe eco-friendly can be efficient, but you’ll be amazed the difference.

This is where the process ends for too many of our competitors. The surface is clean, but it’s skipping the most important step – protection. Without a protective layer, your outdoor surfaces remain open to the elements that made it dirty in the first place. Renew Crew’s protective layers sits atop the surface, stopping water and other elements from penetrating the material, leaving it looking cleaner longer. In fact, while we recommend re-seals every year or two depending on the structure, a garden hose should be used for periodic rinses.

We take pride in rejuvenating the outdoor living spaces that homeowners have grown to love and enjoy. If our clients aren’t satisfied with our work, we’ll come back and repeat it if needed.

Renew Crew of Morro Bay provides pressure washing services in the Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo area. Call us at 805-209-9979 to schedule your free consultation. More information can be found on our website at

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