Electricity bills are going down for some California homeowners

Utility rates are going down in cost for some California homeowners. It’s not that they are consuming less energy than others, or cutting back on lifestyle; these homeowners are tapping into free energy provided by the sun and captured by rooftop solar panels.


More and more homeowners each year are experiencing the benefits of solar, either in a reduction of electric bills or an elimination of electric costs – depending on the amount of energy production. In fact, experts believe by 2020 the majority of new single-family homes built in California will include solar.

Solar energy is more affordable than ever with a variety of payment plans, as well as tax credits inspired-expos-inspiredexposca-twitter-1available from state and federal programs. In fact, some homeowners are installing solar on their homes with no money down or out-of-pocket cost to get started.

One of the biggest incentives available at the moment is a 30 percent federal tax credit.

According to Scudder Solar Energy Systems in Monterey County, many of their customers install solar to save money, add value to their home and reduce their effect on the environment by increasing energy efficiency.

Scudder Solar is a full-service solar electric design and installation company providing residential and commercial solar panels in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties. As a full-service solar firm, they cover everything you need from start-to-finish, including monitoring and maintenance as well as permitting packages.

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