Upgrade Your Home to be Energy Efficient and Save Money!

By Jessica Padilla

Until recently, I had no idea how many tax rebates and incentives were available just by upgrading my home to be more energy efficient. Eligible upgrades include heating, air-conditioning, water heating, insulation, windows, air sealing, and even more simple-to-complex upgrades that can be found on PG&E’s website.

symphony-blackout2While looking around for energy efficient improvements for my home, I came across some interesting window shade upgrades from Advanced Blind & Shade. Have you ever heard of cellular shades? Cellular shades are made of two sheets of fabric. The combined fabrics actually form air pockets to create a vacuum for trapping air! Not only are they energy efficient, these insulating shades come in 15 different colors to match your home. They even offer blackout shades for light control.

Contact Advanced Blind & Shade today or visit their website at to learn about how window coverings can help to insulate your home and even save you money!


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