Educational Seminars & Workshops

Make your Spring 2019 plans now to attend our fascinating and informative health and fitness workshops and educational seminars at the Inspired Health & Fitness Expo of San Luis Obispo!

Saturday, March 23rd 

11:15 am
Juvederm Lip Filler Demonstration

Presented by Milay Melshimer RN & Medical Director Dr. Sorina Carabeth MD of Ageless in SLO
Join Ageless in SLO ‘Where we accentuate the already beautiful you” as we do a demonstration showcasing the Juvederm Ultra Plus by ALLERGAN , JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC product to add more fullness and plumps thin lips. Whether your lips have thinned over time or you simply want fuller lips, this product is for you!

12:00 pm
Everything You Need to Know About Skin Needling
Presented by B’s Permanent Ink by B.Vega
Are you tired of skin imperfections and have tried every regiment on the market?  With skin needling you can get the beautiful, glowing skin you have been looking for! Join us for an information seminar on skin needling and how it can give you the skin you have always wanted!

12:45 pm
European Martial Arts for Defense
Presented by Albert Toberer of Blackfriar’s School of Fence
Blackfriar’s will demonstrate techniques that blend historical martial combat with modern fighting concepts to provide a well-rounded approach to defense. This will include sword, knife and unarmed combatives. Live demonstrations and audience participation will take place during this workshop!

1:30 pm
Secrets of the Beauty Industry and How to Achieve Your Best & Healthiest Skin This Year
Presented by Arlan Hall of Beautycounter
Come learn about how the beauty industry came to be so unregulated today. We will also go over what you can do to create a positive and healthy change in your skin care routine, as well as how to best care for you skin you have.

2:15 pm
Beating the Clock – Anti-Aging Tips for Women
Presented by Johnnie Ham, M.D. Medical Director of Coastal Prestige Medical Services, Inc.
This workshop with Johnnie Ham, M.D. Medical Director of Coastal Prestige Medical Services, Inc. will cover tips, techniques, and treatments to beat the clock and stay feeling young and vital!

3:00 pm
Understanding and Treating Acne Holistically
Presented by Emily Robinson of Face to Face Skincare & Massage
Acne is a complicated & frustrating condition.  By approaching this condition holistically most people can discover a solution for treating their acne.  Join for this workshop as as we learn about what you can do to improve your skin.

Sunday, March 24th

Buzzword DETOX: What it is and what it isn’t!
Presented by Marian Fiorentino of Arbonne
Confused about what it means to DETOX? Learn about Arbonne’s 30 Day and Beyond Clean Eating Detox Program. Whole food eating program designed to help you identify foods that may be sabotaging your health!

12:00 pm
New Frontiers in Addiction
Presented by Dr. Michael McGee of The Haven at Pismo
This presentation will discuss the core principles of contemporary addictions treatment. These principles include a commitment to integrity and excellence, accessibility, safe, compassionate and respectful care, patient-centered care, patient-empowering care, care that is both recovery and discovery oriented, care that encourages total recovery, care that is comprehensive and integrated, care that facilitates the creation of recovery supports, community, family, and network-oriented care, evidence-based care, and care that sees patients through a long-term process of healing and recovery.

12:45 pm
Cooking Veggies & Greens with Amazing Flavors!
Presented by Courtney Coleman of Cook Well
Courtney will prepare a fantastic tasting stir-steam with tons of dark leafy greens. She’ll speak about eating and cooking with the seasons for balance of mind, body, and spirit. She’ll discuss how to get more veggies into one’s diet flavorfully, and why various kinds of greens are healthiest when prepared either raw, cooked, or fermented.

2:00 pm
Mindfulness Practices for Stress Management
Presented by Carloline Cerussi
of Transitions – Mental Health Association
Join us as we talk about the practice of mindfulness supporting real and positive improvements in physical and emotional wellbeing. Learn about mindfulness, how it benefits your wellbeing, and simple practices to use in everyday life!

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