Educational Seminars & Workshops

Make your Spring 2018 plans now to attend our fascinating and informative health and fitness workshops and educational seminars at the Inspired Health & Fitness Expo of San Luis Obispo!

Saturday, March 17th – Body Wellness Day

12:00 pm
Delicious and Nutritious Smoothie Demonstration
Presented by Talley Farms Fresh Harvest
Smoothies are not just a drink! A smoothie is a healthy food that is suitable for every occasion. It can be served for breakfast or a snack. Smoothies are respected by vegetarians, athletes, children, pregnant and elderly.

1:30 pm
Aging Well: Healthfully, Gracefully & Vibrantly
Presented by Lisa Story of The Conscious Health Coach
Join Lisa Story, MA for an uplifting discussion on foods and activities that support us through mid-life and beyond. We receive anti-aging messages every day… let’s embrace aging well!

2:15 pm
Women and Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic
Presented by Emerson McGhee of The Haven at Pismo
Women make up approximately 40% of alcoholics, however, they represent only 25% of those who enter treatment, this talk will explore some of the social and practical barriers to treatment that women face as well as solutions that some communities have employed to solve them.

3:00 pm
Stop The Bleed
Presented by Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center
As San Luis Obispo County’s designated Trauma Center, our Trauma team is using the “Stop the Bleed” program (created after the Sandy Hook shootings) to educate the lay community on how to save lives after a mass shooting or other trauma. Most gunshot victims don’t necessarily die from the actual gunshot, but rather as a result of bleeding to death….which can happen in a matter of minutes. Often medical professionals cannot respond fast enough to stop the bleeding. Just as the public has been taught CPR for years to help save a loved one, the medical community now wants to teach them how to stop the bleed while waiting for help to arrive. Our trauma team is offering this training free to schools, churches, businesses and any other groups who are interested. You can also find more information at:

Sunday, March 18th – Mental Wellness Day

12:00 pm
7 Step Process to Reset Your Health & Brain
Presented by Gemi B. Lant, INHC MBA of Nourish the Brain
Reset your health & brain with this 7 step reset process.  If emotional eating, stress, and cravings are running your life join this talk to get you ready for a Health Reset.


12:45 pm
Supporting our Mental Health Through Mindfulness
Presented by Transitions-Mental Health Association
The practice of mindfulness is linked to wide-ranging health benefits and has gained tremendous popularity in recent years as a strategy for self-care. A great deal of research has documented physical health benefits of mindfulness, such as an improved immune system, lower blood pressure, and better sleep. Mindfulness has also been linked to mental health benefits, such as reduced stress and anxiety, and improved concentration and focus, less emotional reactivity. The research will be briefly explored, and attendees will be taught some simple mindfulness strategies that they can use throughout their day to support their mental health.

1:30 pm
Ask Your Local
Presented by Dr. Kholood Hassan of Laguna Veterinary Care
Join us for an informal conversation with your local veterinarian on topics to keep your pet healthy and happy!

2:15 pm
Vitamin D & Mental Health: What is the Connection?
Presented by Riley Peterson of The Vitamin D Council
The Vitamin D Council will cover the role of vitamin D in a variety of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, cognition and executive functioning throughout all life stages.

3:00 pm
Ketamine: Breakthrough Treatment for Chronic Depression & Pain
Presented by Ken Starr, MD  of Ken Starr MD Wellness Group
Join us to learn about for to experience relief from depression, anxiety and pain within hours with Ketamine IV Infusion therapy. Thomas Insel of Mental Health states, “recent data suggest that ketamine may be the most important breakthrough in antidepressant treatment in decades”

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