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Plan your attendance to the Inspired Home and Garden Expo of San Luis Obispo around some of our workshops, demonstrations, and home improvement seminars!  Enjoy educational, informative speaking by local experts.

Saturday, May 5th

12:00 pm
Apple Pie Contest

Presented by Idler’s Home
Who makes the BEST apple pie? After three preliminary rounds the winner will be selected at the finals during the Inspired Home & Garden Expo of SLO. Come taste the top contenders Apple Pie’s and cheer on your favorites!

2:00 pm
Making Your Own Jam
Presented by Talley Farms Fresh Harvest
Learn about what constitutes a jam, and how that differs from a preserve, marmalade or jelly. Fresh fruit jam is so simple anyone can make it with a little preparation. In this class we’ll teach you not only a basic recipe for homemade jam, but also some of the principles and theory behind turning fruit and sugar into delicious jam.

2:45 pm
Delicious & Nutritious Smoothies
Presented by Talley Farms Fresh Harvest
Smoothies are not just a drink! A smoothie is a healthy food that is suitable for every occasion. It can be served for breakfast or a snack. Smoothies are respected by vegetarians, athletes, children, pregnant and elderly.

In this workshop we will prove that making smoothies isn’t difficult and doesn’t take a lot of time. However there are some tricks, which are good to know that the result would be tasty and healthy.  We don’t have to use exotic fruits but we will use lots of vegetables, herbs, berries and other healthy components to make delicious and nutritious smoothies.

3:30 pm – TBD

4:15pm – TBD


Sunday, May 6th

12:00 pm – TBD

12:45 pm – TBD

1:30 pm – TBD

2:15 pm – TBD

3:00 pm – TBD


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