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KeTu Screens: The –Key To- all your screen needs!

Here is the perfect solution for any location that needs a screen to keep bugs and other critters out while letting the fresh air in. The Ketu screen is easy to pull, does not snap back and does not block the view through the stationary portion of a sliding door. For double and French doors, a screen is mounted on each side of the door frame and pulled to the center of the opening when closed. These sleek easy gliding pleated screens have been in use throughout Europe & Japan for many years. Each KeTu screen is custom fit and will work with virtually all door and window sizes and types including garage and other large openings.

Not A Typical Retractable Screen

There is no mechanism to tangle or spring to fail with a KeTu screen. Unique technology is used to build these custom screens that operate with little effort and look great when open or closed. The window and door screens disappear into the frame when fully open and stay closed with a magnet in the handle.

The KeTu is also wheel chair accessible with a flat bottom rail that enables passage with no difficulties.

Screens for Homes & Businesses

KeTu Screens for doors and windows make any room a more beautiful place to be. Enjoy a fresh breeze while unwanted pests stay out. The simple elegance of the KeTu screen design allows the screen to disappear neatly when not in use and can be left open in any position. The high-quality components and superior technology of KeTu screens make them perfect for high traffic areas.


Revolutionary Window and Door Screens

The unique “caterpillar” mechanism of KeTu screens sets it apart from the competition. There is no spring to break or roller system to jam. Each screen door (or window screen) is retractable and will stay partially open. A magnetic catch keeps the screen closed and it disappears into its frame when open all the way without obscuring the view through a sliding door. Invented in Japan this screen design has been in use since the 1990s there and has now been introduced to the United States.

Patented Screen System

Patented custom screens for standard and french doors. Screens for patio, front and back doors and windows, custom made in America for each project with choice of colors.

Ketu Frames Colors

KeTu frames also come in a variety of colors: Light-Wood, Neutral-Wood, Caramel-Wood, Chocolate-Wood, Mild-Gray, Mild-Brown, Middle-Gray, White, Black, Autumn-Brown, Shine-Gray and Natural-Silver

*extra charges may apply

Ketu Screens

KeTu screens un-clip from their frames for easy cleaning and to prevent damage if the screen door is hit or accidently stepped into. The pleated screen is attractive and the function of the KeTu is without equal. It is the perfect screen for limited space and where the view is important to be kept open


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