Featured Exhibitor: CYB Studios

Contact: Stephanie Moran


1231 E Grand Avenue, Suite 105
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Phone: 805-249-9623

Imagine a space, steps from home, that can pull you out of your one-dimensional fitness routine. Heart-pumping music greets you at the door and a progressive fitness world motivates you to challenge yourself.

CYB Studios is committed to building a community of members who crave dynamic fitness and prioritize wellness. 

Learn more about cycle, yoga, and barre classes at CYB Studios today. 

The CYB Story

CYB was something imagined over 10 years ago. Founder, Stephanie Moran, spent 20 years teaching group fitness in a small health club environment when she realized the need for quality fitness classes accessible to everyone. With a mixed love for everything fitness: Barre, Yoga, Cycle, Boxing and Dance, she knew that one modality would never be enough to keep her from fitness boredom. And when she mixed up her fitness routine, she saw more results.

While working as a Senior Executive at MINDBODY,  Stephanie witnessed first-hand the explosion of Boutique Fitness. However, she felt there was a lack of variety at these boutique fitness studios, leaving clients with the inconvenience of going from one studio for a barre class to another for a cycle class and yet another for yoga.

Stephanie’s dream to deliver a high-end boutique fitness environment where you have more than one modality to choose from was born. A place where cross training becomes a convenience, and where a small suburban town can experience high-end fitness like they do in the city.

CYB Studios is Stephanie’s vision come true – one space, class variety, strong community and of course heart-pumping BEATS!

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