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When choosing a color for the interior of your home, the question is always… what color should I paint.

A trending color this year has been grey and it has made me wonder what the benefits are of choosing a darker color like grey. I love the way it looks in some of the photos I have seen but it takes courage to choose such a deep, rich color. Thankfully, it is quick and easy to have done with the help of some short pump painters, and the results speak for themselves!

A dark grey can make a larger room feel more intimate and cozy. The darker color also can act as a great backdrop for art elements such as paintings or family photos. And my personal favorite it when it is an accent color combined with white crown-molding or white kitchen cabinets. These are all aspects (and more) that you have to consider while thinking about your home Interior Design efforts, by themselves these changes may not seem to do much, but in a finished picture, the small details are what many people notice. You’ll have to make sure the design company you’re working with know what look and feel you’re trying to achieve.

A lighter shade of gray can have a very calming effect and can be great for an office, bedroom, living room or bathroom. Pretty much any room in your home is suitable for the lighter shades of gray!

If it is just a little too scary to take the plunge into painting with grey, our expert painter Steven Rogall Painting at 805-927-2684 can consult with you and help you to pick the perfect shade of grey for your home.

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