Four Reasons Why Quality Furniture Matters

It’s hard for anyone to argue that quality furniture DOESN’T matter, but when people choose something less than quality pieces they are making a decision based on short-term price.

It’s easy on the pocket book to buy furniture that comes in a box and that you assemble at home (with leftover screws you don’t know what to do with). But as homeowners we need to be smart about how we invest our money. We checked with our friends at CalDeals Furniture to ask what homeowners should consider when choosing furniture. Here are four reasons why investing in quality furniture saves you money in the long run and adds value to your living experience.


Simply stated, quality furniture is made from better materials. Solid wood, premium fabrics, durable construction, and expert craftsmanship all contribute to a piece that shows its quality in your home. Materials like particle board, skimpy fabrics and nut-and-bolt construction don’t give the appearance of quality.


Likewise, better materials hold up better to daily use. Support legs don’t loosen over time, fabrics don’t fade and wear out easily, paint/lacquer don’t chip or bubble. Quality furniture can last decades with light cleaning and maintenance, while cheaper furniture is often in the landfill within a few years. Quality furniture has the potential of eventually becoming a legitimate antique.


And it almost goes without saying that quality furniture is more beautiful than pieces that are mass produced and stuffed in boxes. There is a sense of pride in manufacturing quality furniture that shines through each line that a company produces. These companies can’t afford to produce something that isn’t seen as beautiful, depending on your taste. They are in business to please customers with beauty and quality. Cheap furniture is made to fill a short-term need.


Quality furniture will be talked about and admired for years. And, if the occasion ever arises, it holds value if it comes time to sell it. Held and cared for long enough, it could even become a valuable antique.

Cal Deals Furniture deals in quality furniture. You can find them online at or visit their San Luis Obispo store at 149A Granada in SLO.

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