Garden Bench – Drab to Fab

KelleyProjects 019

By Kelley Redmon

I have a beautiful view of the Marina from my front deck in Morro Bay… the problem is I have no seating when I want to relax and watch the sunset! I have been hunting for a bench for the deck for a while now, but sadly I am too cheap to invest a significant amount of money for a nice new one. While wandering around the antique store the other day I found a bench that was rusted, and none of the boards were to actually stable enough to sit on… but it was only $25! After looking at different patio furniture materials, I decided to get the bench and revamp it. With the enlisted help of my wonderful boyfriend we set to work to make this piece drab to fab!

KelleyProjects 012

Our bench from the beginning (after I washed the cobwebs off).

KelleyProjects 011

Many of the screws were gone or rusted so the boards were falling down and uneven.

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We started by taking the whole bench apart and using the current wood slab as a size guide (and then firewood). I used this handy tool to sand off all the rust from the iron, as well at sand the rust of any of the bolts that were salvageable.

A quick trip to the hardware store produced wood for the slabs, wood stain, paint, and some new bolts. After looking on, we bought the best wood stain since we knew this would be a vital part of the garden bench.


KelleyProjects 013

Then the man of the house set to cutting all the wood to the right size.

KelleyProjects 015

And sanding to be nice and smooth (no one likes splinters when they sit down).

KelleyProjects 016

Then I stained the wood to a reddish finish to go along with the red paint I decided on for the iron sides.

KelleyProjects 017

Finished Product! And nice and comfy too!

KelleyProjects 019


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