Great Central Coast Resources for the Farmer in Everyone!

xFarm Supply Companyhas a lot of great workshops and products to make farm living easier and more successful! Below are just a few of the great workshops you can attend to get some questions answered and learn new things:

Chicken Q&A: Local chicken expert Barbara Bullock will provide information and answer any questions about raising backyard chickens!

  • March 14th at the San Luis Obispo store from 10am to Noon.
  • March 21st at the Paso Robles store from 10am to Noon.

Rodent Control, Tomato Growing, and Beekeeping: Times and locations will be posted soon!

  • April 11th
  • April 18th

If you’re interested in rodent control and are looking for a product right now, Farm Supply is currently featuring Kaput Ground Squirrel Bait! This bait is a non-restricted use pesticide for homeowner use in bait stations. It’s the only bait to target both the squirrel and their fleas.
Available in 5lb., 25lb. and 50lb. quantities.

Farm Supply Company

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