Homemade Night Stands

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By Kelley Redmon

I was recently on the hunt for new night stands.  We currently use some old white file cabinets, and while they had nice big drawers, were on wheels, and quite functional they were not pretty.  While this is the worst excuse in my significant others opinion to buy new things, I think it is perfectly reasonable.

During this hunt I discovered that the cost of well made night stands are much higher that originally thought, making it much harder to get my other half on board.  During a trip to Home Depot Aaron said to me “why don’t we just make them”.  I thought this was a perfect idea that got me my new night stands and him a reason to be on board with the idea of losing the file cabinets in the bedroom.  In retrospect I think we spent the same amount of money if we bought them new, and we probably should have done a little more research before buying a bunch of wood and nails… but nothing compares to the feeling if building something with your own hands.  Every time someone comes to my house I feel the need to show them my pretty night stands and reveal we made them ourselves!

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Trip to Home Depot #1 (out of 4… I will do my research next time).  I measured how tall the bed is to make sure we made them the right height… and made sure we have little extra length for mistakes.

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Cut, glued, nailed, ad hinged…. unfortunately they were very unsteady at this point.  This led to Home Depot trip #2 for the side boards.  I actually end of really glad this happened because I liked the design much more.

KelleyProjects 003

I learned how to use a drill today!

KelleyProjects 005

After lots of sanding and 2 coats of primer I painted them a forest green color.  Side note: we did not build the bench, it was a cheap bare wood bench we bought for $10, that I painted to match for the end of the bed.

KelleyProjects 007

I also bought some “handles” in a brushed gold color.  I don’t like gold so I spray painted them a metallic silver.  No we did not make drawers, I just wanted some added embellishment.

Ta-Da!  Homemade night stands that I am perpetually proud of!




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