How Long Will My Roof Last?

This is a Guest Post from the roofing company Noble Pride Roofing.

How Long Will My Roof Last?

The most common question roofing companies like Beneficial Jackson Roofing get asked is, “How long will my roof last?” On average, slate, copper and tile roofs can last more than 50 years. Homeowners with wood shake roofs should expect them to last about 30 years, while fiber cement shingles last about 25 years and asphalt shingle/composition roofs last about 20 years, the NAHB found[1]. However, the true answer to this question can be different for each unique roof & depends on many factors:

  • What is the weather like in your area?
    • Harsh climates with rain, hail, snow, and wind can significantly cut the life of your roof – don’t rely on “industry standards” if your home is located in an area with these weather conditions. Coastal areas may also see shortened lifespans on roofs as the salt water can be corrosive on any exterior surfaces.
  • What materials were used for your roof?
    • Some materials last longer than others. Slate, copper & tile roofs are the most durable on long-lasting with a 50+ year lifespan. Wood shake roofs, fiber cement shingle roofs, and asphalt shingle / composition roofs on the other hand, last about half that time (20 – 30 years).
  • Did a licensed contractor install your roof, and is it warrantied?
    • Design quality & installation integrity are highly influential in the life of your roof. It’s always best to hire experienced, licensed contractors like the two brothers roofing company who stand behind their work. Check your records to find out who installed your roof and when. Did the contractor provide an estimate for the lifespan on your roof, specific to the materials used, your home location & conditions? Did the contractor include any warranties on their work and / or materials?
  • Has your roof been well-maintained?
    • Just like maintaining your vehicle for safe driving, your roof should be inspected regularly, particularly if your home is located in an area with severe weather. Most roofing companies offer free roofing inspections on an annual basis. If your roof is not well-maintained, and repaired as needed, the roof may need replacement sooner than a well-maintained roof. Repairing your roof doesn’t have to be expensive but it should be done well. There are many products that claim to be the best at solving a problem like this. To put your mind at ease, you could look into something like Flex Seal FAQ to help answer any questions you may have.

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