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Atascadero Glass, Inc. WindowsWith beautiful Central Coast beachfront and mountainside views, we as residents have to think of the best possible ways to enjoy the views from home, with gorgeous, clean windows from somewhere like MWT Windows. When I’m cleaning the house, I’ll admit, cleaning the windows are pretty low on the list just because it can feel like such a hassle, even though it is part of the house. Saying this though, this is why people hire window cleaners! I shouldn’t neglect cleaning the windows just because I find it challenging or too much work.

However, I feel like windows really make or break a home. Keeping them clean is a chore but it’s worth it, especially when you’ve just had vinyl sash replacement windows. Keeping sash windows clean makes the whole home look complete. Not to mention, if you have great views, you want to be able to see them! When you have great views like the ones from the windows in this picture from Atascadero Glass, Inc., you just have to find ways to keep them clean!

With this being said, it is not just about ensuring the windows in the home are clean. What about the ones in the workplace? Understandably, the staff may not have time to do this job every day, but with the assistance of a commercial window cleaning company, there shouldn’t be any excuses as to why the windows in the workplace cannot be kept clean.

Here are a few easy tips to keep your glass windows clean:

  • When diluting your glass cleaner, use distilled water for a cleaner, streak-free job.
  • Try using a newspaper instead of paper towels to avoid leaving lint behind on the glass. (Use gloves to keep ink from getting everywhere).
  • Invest in a squeegee to make window cleaning easier. [Tweet This]
  • Clean window corner residue and build up with cotton swabs.
  • Out of cleaning solution? Use one part vinegar and four parts water. [Tweet This]

Along with keeping your windows clean is maintenance and replacement when the time comes. On the Central Coast, Atascadero Glass, Inc. is a trusted leader in glass repair and installation. Visit their website to see the beautiful work they’ve done in local residential and commercial projects.

Atascadero Glass, Inc. Atascadero Glass, Inc.

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