Mason Jar Plant Gifts

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By Kelley Redmon

Sometime gifts from the heart mean more than something straight off a shelf.  The more effort you put into something, the more meaningful it is, no mater how much it cost.  As a recent gift to someone I decided to make this cute planter out of mason jars.

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I started with a few mason jars, a wooden box (no idea where it came from, but it was in my garage), some metallic  and chalkboard spray paint (that I already had in my arsenal), and a few succulents (because they are the hardest to kill).

First I taped up the wooden box so only the “General Store” part was showing (I like the rustic look of the red and wood).  The then spray painted that board a silver metallic for a bit of a “rustic glam” look (yes I just made term that up).  I also spray painted the mason jars silver (about 3 coats each – following the spray paint can instructions of time in between each coat).  For the chalkboard part I waited until the next day, and taped around the area I wanted to write on.  You need to be careful with this step as the silver spray paint can easily come off.  I used painters tape, but still had to touch up a little silver after wards.  I did a few coats of the chalkboard spray paint.  Once it was dry I placed a succulent in each one, and wrote e cute message for the recipient!

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