Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls with interlocking blocks are a beautiful hardscape addition to many homes along the Central Coast.

There are a variety of stone textures, colors and structures that can be utilized. Troesh Coleman Pacific specializes in retaining wall products here on the Central Coast. According to their experts, there are a number of functional reasons many homeowners should consider a retaining wall besides simple curb appeal.

Retaining walls are used to:

  • Provide more usable land on a lot that is sloped.
  • Prevent soil erosion and the encroachment of earth onto the property or its structures.
  • Along with that, retaining walls help manage water runoff so that rain is directed to landscape, gardens and shrubs, instead storm drains.
  • Where appropriate, retaining walls also provide additional seating and interesting architectural features.

Interlocking blocks from Troesh Coleman Pacific provide an affordable, durable and beautiful addition to a home. Visit them online or at 2280 Hutton Road in Nipomo to view their full line of landscape products. Special orders and delivery are available.

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