Popular roof styles

Do you know the most popular roof styles?

When picking a roofer choose one with experience working with a variety of roofing materials and styles. Noble Pride Roofing Co. has decades of roofing experience on their team, as well as the attention to detail and craftsmanship a homeowner would want.

Here are four popular roofing materials on the market today:

Wood shingles and shakes

  • Used for hundreds of years, wood shingles give the rustic look many homeowners have come to enjoy. Wood shingles are a natural product usually made from cedar, redwood and southern pine. 

Slate tiles

  • Slate tiles are durable, colorful and elegant. They are an expensive material. Because of their weight, a roof may need additional support to carry the tiles.

Metal roofing

  • Metal roofing, whether in large sheets or shingle design, offer a sleek, modern look to a home. Metal roofing is durable and lightweight.

Clay and concrete tiles

  • These tiles can come in a scalloped design or flat. They are known for their long-lasting durability. Like slate, it can be expensive and require additional support for the weight.

Contact a trusted roofing contractor like Noble Pride Roofing Co. to decide what’s right for your home and your budget.

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