Short List of Dangerous Toxins in Our Very Own Homes

healthy airThere are a lot of toxins that exist in our home that we don’t think about on a daily basis, or even at all. Isn’t that scary?

The healthy air experts at Wighton’s are dedicated to keeping our air clean and our families safe from any toxins that may be in our homes. Here’s a list of toxins to be aware of from their information library:

Formaldehyde: offgasses (evaporates) from cushions, particleboard and adhesives used to manufacture most inexpensive wood-based products; carpets and carpet cushions may also give off gas formaldehyde, causing eye and upper respiratory irritation; may even cause cancer.

Radon: second-leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S.; natural radioactive gas which can seep into homes through cracks in the basement, the surrounding foundation, and in well water. Radon can enter the body through the airway. If you’re interested in increasing your understanding of radon and think you might need some professional support consider checking out

Lead: found in paint in older houses, old plumbing, and soil near highways and busy roads; causes neurological and kidney damage, high blood pressure, disrupted blood cell production, and reproductive problems.

Carbon monoxide: the biggest culprit is the unserviced furnace burning propane, natural gas, butane or oil.

Arsenic:l laced in many household pesticides; increasingly used as a wood preservative; carcinogen.

Vinyl chloride: “new car smell”; plastic interior of a new car offgasses this known carcinogen; water sitting in PVC pipes overnight may be steeping into a toxic tea ; causes severe liver damage and ballooning of the fingertips.

Hydrofluoric acid: “can cause intense pain and damage to tissues and bone if the recommended gloves happen to have holes in them”; highly corrosive substance is the active ingredient in many household rust removers. On a more industrial level, harmful substances that can cause corrosion are often professionally stored by the likes of storemasta to avoid any serious incidents involving coming into contact with the material.

VOCs: comprise hundreds of natural and man-made, carbon-based agents; react quickly with other carbon-based compounds, and evaporate easily, making them ideal solvents; can be found in disinfectants and pesticides too.

Solvents: Benzene and methyl ethyl ketone traverse cell walls unchecked by normal cell defenses; known carcinogens.

Disinfectants: Phenols, which include biphenyl, phenolics and the preservative pentachloraphenol, are found in disinfectants, antiseptics, perfumes, mouthwashes, glues and air fresheners.

Pesticides: Chlordane, aldrin, dieldrin, though all banned for nearly two decades, continue to show up airborne in older houses.

Keep yourself and your family safe from these toxins under your roof by keeping up your heating and air units, getting them routinely serviced by local experts, like the ones at Wighton’s! Feel free to contact them here with any questions or concerns about keeping the air in your home healthy.


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