Solar: Top 4 Roofing Questions

For most homeowners, the high-efficiency, money-saving aspects of solar power are attractive reasons to choose this renewable power source. It seems more people are opting for a Solar Panel Installation than ever before. And while the first questions seem to be about cost, inevitably they turn to the structural aspects of the installation.

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With such a wide variety of structural types along the Central Coast, it’s easy to understand why some would wonder if solar will work on their home.

We asked the experts at AM Sun Solar to address the top four roofing questions that arise among solar customers. Stop by their booth and speak with their experts in person Aug. 27-28 at the Inspired Home, Garden & Gourmet Expo at the Paso Robles Event Center.

Can you put solar on a flat roof?

Yes, most commercial solar electric systems are installed on flat roofs. Installing solar panels on a flat roof can sometimes be difficult so find a reputable solar panel installer. The solar panels are then mounted on “tilt-racks” which put the panels at the optimum angle and face them in the right direction.

Is the weight of the system too much for my roof?

No, solar modules are very lightweight. The combined weight of the rails and solar modules is only 3 pounds per square foot. Although they’re not heavy, its best to ensure your roof is stable enough to withstand them. If you have a slightly older roof and are wary of any cracks or damages to it, then its recommended that you get in touch with metal roofing contractors so they can assess it and sort out any repairs if necessary, all before installing your solar panels.

Which direction should my panels face to produce the most power?

Typically south/ west facing panels produce the most energy. If your roof is not south/ west facing or if it is partially shaded, the energy output will be somewhat lower. We can help you determine what is practical for your home and the amount of power you can practically generate from the space you have.

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I don’t want solar panels on my roof, what are my other options?

Roof mounted solar panels are common when you think of solar however there are many other options. We can build custom ground or raised mounts on your property. We can also build a custom trellis attached to your home. We have a skilled installation crew that can build many different mounting systems to fit your vision for your home or business.

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