Spring! Time to let the Natural Light In!

Spring – the perfect time of year to start enjoying the beautiful outdoors… including those longer daylight hours we all love! The benefits to natural sunlight are seemingly endless, and health experts are urging us to spend more time outside. But what about getting that natural light inside your home, and soaking up some of those health benefits while we prepare dinner for the family?

Of course traditional windows are what come to mind first when thinking of ways to let natural light in your home. Some other options include,

  • Larger window-paned doors (where applicable)
  • Traditional Skylights
  • Roof Windows
  • Sun Tunnel Skylights

We want to talk specifically about Sun Tunnel Skylights – as they are a great option to let in natural light when installation of the other options are not feasible (usually due to architectural restrictions). Common areas for Sun Tunnel Skylights are corridors, stairwells, bathrooms & cupboards, closets, and under pitched roofs. If you’re thinking about having these skylights put into your roof, before committing you to need to consult with a roofing specialist in your area, like roofing Corpus Christi, and they’ll be able to give you more detail about how the skylight would fit into the roof. There are a few different designs available based on the room, how much light you desire to let in, and your specific building (home or office) structure.

The best type of company to contact if you are interested in having a Sun Tunnel installed, is a specialized company that exclusively installs the product, or an expert roofing contractor. If your home is located in the Monterey / Santa Cruz Area – the experts at Noble Pride Roofing Company can help you with your project, www.nobleprideroofing.com 831-384-3131. Be sure to ask your roofing expert if any promotions are available when coupling your Sun Tunnel installation with a roof repair, or new roof installation!

Pictured[1] Above, Small spaces lit with Sun-Tunnels

Below, Kitchen without sun-tunnel (LEFT) and with sun-tunnel (RIGHT)

[1] Images courtesy of VELUXAUSA –




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