Spruce Up an Old IKEA Dresser

KelleyProjects 009

By Kelley Redmon

After my night stand adventure the other day, I was feeling inspired.  I tried to explain to my boyfriend that my dresser was feeling inadequate next to the far superior night stands.  While we were not ready to take on the project of making an entire dresser, I felt it was perfectly acceptable that a few coats of pain would bring it to life.

KelleyProjects 004

Ah, the sad state of my particle board IKEA dresser.

KelleyProjects 006

Some lite sanding (not too hard of the particle board or it will break apart), and a coat of primer to start!

KelleyProjects 009

I decided that more green would make the small room too dark.  I compared a few different options next to the forest green, and the coral I felt worked best (after buying new bedding a rug to tie everything together, of course). I painted the frame a light beige, and the drawers coral.  I also bought some more of the drawer pulls so it would tie in nicely with the night stands.

KelleyProjects 010

I also made those pictures myself!


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