The Healing Powers of Hot Springs

Hot SpringsI’ve heard a lot of hype about hot springs and the many health benefits that they offer and my curiosity has peaked. What benefits do hot springs really offer? I checked out 1862 David Walley’s Resort and Hot Springs website to see what it’s all about. Here are a few of the main benefits of soaking in mineral hot springs:

  • When you bathe in mineral hot springs, your skin soaks in the minerals and your body’s hydrostatic pressure rises, increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow.
  • Heat relaxes tense muscles, providing stress relief, pain relief, and natural joint support.
  • Mineral-rich-hot-spring water can help naturally relieve some skin conditions because the high silica content helps smooth rough, dry skin.

If you’re ready to experience these “magical” healing powers for yourself, take a trip up to 1862 David Walley’s Resort in Genoa! They have 5 mineral spas to offer their guests along with a day spa to continue your relaxation.


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