Three tips for choosing new furniture

Nothing quite dresses up any room of a house like stylish, new furniture. Learning about restoring a leather couch is definitely a good start. But how do you satisfy a high-end, showroom taste, or even the cost of updated furniture, with a warehouse store budget?

Here are three tips to guide you through the shopping (and buying) process that will provide options.

Set the budget

Furniture can be a large purchase, so it’s important to decide in advance how much you are willing to spend. For example, if you were looking into changing your bedding, companies like Leesa, offer high quality and affordable items to equip you with the right tools to get a comfortable night’s sleep. Along those lines you should factor in how often you will use the piece and how long you will keep it. A kitchen table will get multiple uses a day, and your bed will be used daily. Both of these will have higher price tags but they will also get the most use and cutting corners on bargain furniture may only lead to disappoint in the long run.

Set the style

Whether you have a set style in your home or you are looking for a whole new look, it’s best to know in advance so you can buy pieces that compliment each other. There’s no point in buying a luxury patterned rug from if it doesn’t match with your other pieces of furniture or the overall style.

Set the quality

Shopping on a budget doesn’t mean shopping in a discount warehouse with limited selection. High quality, stylish furniture can be found without breaking the bank at a showroom. Cal Deals Furniture specializes in quality pieces in current styles. Find out more about their locations in San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria at

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