Timeshare at David Walley’s Resort!

David Walley’s Resort is a beautiful getaway in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that offers countless activities for all. You can enjoy a spa day with the natural hot springs. You can enjoy a game of golf, go skiing at Lake Tahoe, and even go horseback riding!

You can also buy a timeshare condominium at David Walley’s Resort! Timeshares are great because you can reserve your stay David Walley’s Resort a for few weeks out of the year and trade your condominium with more than 5,000 resorts in almost 100 countries around the world. That means not only can you have a Sierra Nevada retreat at David Walley’s but you can vacation anywhere else in the world by trading your timeshare!

Check out some essential information David Walley’s Resort provided about their timeshare program below:

  • Deed and Title – you own it forever, it becomes part of your estate!
  • Ownership can be passed on to heirs or resold
  • Incredible Exchanging Power – exchange with the magic of a beautiful home resort
  • Great Vacations – With an array of activities such as world class skiing, horseback riding, gaming at the area casinos, tennis, golfing and fishing – the fun never stops!
  • Professional U.S. management provided by Trading Places International, a 36-year leader in timeshare resort services

Learn more about David Walley’s Resort and their timeshare program at



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