Troesh Coleman Pacific now carries Cart-Away concrete mixers

Make light work of your next project using one of their U-Cart mixers.


These easy to use machines make pouring concrete convenient and affordable. Four of their five mixers hold 1 yard of concrete while their largest mixer has a 1.5 yard capacity. You can choose from a 3/8” or ¾” aggregate.

Equipped with gas power engines and hydraulics, the machines are continually mixing and are easy to tilt. Their size accommodates for maneuverability making pouring concrete a breeze.  You are sure to be amazed at the ease and convenience of their Cart-Away mixers.

Stop by TCP at 2280 Hutton Road in Nipomo and try one out on your next project. Give them a call at (805)922-9993 if you have any questions, their staff is happy to assist you!

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