Why You Should Try a Fusion Yoga Class

By now you’re familiar with the different types of yoga classes being offered around the country.

Now there’s a new version of classes to try at Smiling Dog Yoga, Barre, and Fitness in San Luis Obispo, and they’re referred to as fusion classes. A fusion class combines different fitness disciplines conveniently packed into one endurance-building class.

It all began a few months ago when Stephanie Moran, Owner and Instructor at Smiling Dog, decided to add YOBarre to the class schedule. YOBarre is a class that “fuses” elements from ballet, Pilates, and Yoga with some heart-racing cardio blended in. Students begin the class at the barre with traditional ballet warm ups to improve balance and, as we like to say at Smiling Dog, “add dimples to happy butts.” Cardio elements including core-firming planks and mountain climbers help burn calories, and Pilates core work and Yoga flow movements improve strength and flexibility. Arm weights and leg bands are also used to help build muscle.

Since adding YOBarre to the schedule, it has become one of the more popular classes Smiling Dog offers, with evening classes booking full in advance. Because of the popularity, Smiling Dog has added more fusion classes to the schedule: YOSculpt, which focuses on building muscle, and YOCore, which emphasizes core strength.

Each fusion class still incorporates the yoga essence of staying present and centered, and all the classes close with savasana to bring the heart rate back down.

Every Friday at 5:30 p.m., a different fusion class is offered to give clients a chance to try the classes. Sometimes themed classes are incorporated into Fusion Fridays to make the experience more enjoyable. Recent Fusion Friday classes included Hip Hop Inferno Hot Pilates playing popular hip hop tunes, and Glow Flow when overhead lights off and black lights on during class.

The fusion classes are suitable for all levels, from beginners who are looking for something new to try, to experienced yogis that want to add more diversity to their practice.

For more information on Smiling Dog Yoga, Barre and Fitness, visit or stop by the studio at 1227 Archer Street in San Luis Obispo.

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