Unique technology transforms screen doors for Cambria company

Eastern innovation is helping improve the look and function of Central Coast homes with a screen door technology homeowners love.

The KeTu Screen sold by PolyPro Window in Cambria is a pleated, retractable screen with only one moving part.

Unlike other retractable screens, the KeTu Screen is not spring loaded and does not snap back. In fact with its one moving part, the screen can be easily operated with a single finger.

The pleated screen of the KeTu is a design unique to Japan where it was developed. Many pleated screens on the market are made from materials meant to block light.

By comparison, the KeTu not only provides shade like a traditional screen, but it is also see-through even with its pleated design. The KeTu Screen is based on 9 patents.

Some features include:

  • The window and door screens disappear into the frame when fully open;
  • and stay closed with a magnet in the handle.

The KeTu is also wheel chair accessible with a flat bottom rail that enables passage with no difficulties.

And importantly, KeTu screens un-clip from their frames for easy cleaning and to prevent damage if the screen door is hit or accidentally stepped into. This last feature is one that also makes it very attractive for commercial purposes. For more information on KeTu Screens, visit their website www.ketuscreens.comor call PolyPro Windows at (805) 927-7659.



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