What’s Up with This Green Thing?

Isn’t it everywhere?  Green this and green that.  At the end of the day, I think the real question is what does it really mean?  Why do you and I, average home owners, really care about being ECO friendly?  When I think about saving the planet, I think about what things used to be like.  If you were to travel back 50 years, what would you find?  How are we taking steps today to make better choices? That’s what it’s about, caring to make better choices and knowing that the choices we make have a positive impact.  What’s great about the ECO movement, can I call it that, a movement, is that it is so wide spread.  You can find new options everywhere you look; everywhere you buy products or services really.  The key is to do your research and know what is really making a difference and what is just “acting” like it is making a difference. 

 As a company we’ve decided that helping homeowners learn about how to make small changes (and big changes) in their home remodeling projects is what is going to help contribute to saving our world.  At our ECO Home and Garden Expo we are going to have a great selection of products and services that will help homeowners make wise choices.  We are featuring two authors that will be speaking at the event that will provide some great information:


ERIC COREY FREED, of organicARCHITECT, is the author of Green Remodeling and Building for Dummies among other books and will be at the expo talking about Life in Your Post-Carbon Home

Our way of life is killing us. Whether by tradition or habit, the human race does some silly things that hurt us all in the long term. Our cities, buildings, and surroundings have been designed around abundant and cheap oil, but now we have painted ourselves into a corner and are stuck there. The next generation of buildings will have to do better than just energy efficiency and recycled materials. Our lack of foresight has made our buildings toxic, wasteful and unaffordable. Simply “being less bad” isn’t enough and will delay our progress for generations. In order to undo the damage of the past, we need innovative, new models for how to build deep green, bio-based buildings.



JILL HERBERS, Author of Great Adaptations and PreFab Modern

Jill will be talking Timeless Materials for Today about Ancient materials were always green, precisely because they were always natural.  Several of these, like tile and bamboo, have been brought vibrantly into contemporary life with an abundance of interpretations and options for homes.


The ECO Home & Garden Expo is taking place on Oct. 19 & 20 at the Monterey County Fairgrounds.  For more information or to attend one of the above mentioned seminars please log on to



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